Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DRAMA RAGE # 2 Back to Marriage Pt 2

"In all actuality (I hope I don't get banned for this), the marriage certificate does hold a lot more than just a piece of paper. Without that certificate I wouldn't have post housing, or my ID card, my tricare. It is a BIG factor. Bf/gf's a...re expendable. I swore I would never date a soldier growing up cause I watched all my teenage friends see their men off (or girlfriends) and then get that phone call or letter a few months later(or years) that they just didn't feel the love there and since they weren't married all my friends got out of it was...living in a new place with no family or friends to comfort them cause they followed the guy(or girl). As a wife, they can't just leave you like that. It's a little more difficult so it makes them think about it.

On another note, cussing at people and calling them names on a forum cause they have a difference in opinion is wrong. That would be like me telling you that you can't like something cause I don't like it...then enforcing it. It's a debate page, everyone will have a conflict of interest especially when something like "marriage being just a piece of paper" is involved. And defending people you like or talk to online can be done without resorting to cursing about another person or attacking their credibility."

Yet again it has been brought up, that marriage is just a piece of paper. As a wife, my husband has to divorce me to leave me. If you are a girlfriend all that has to be said is "Hey, I met someone new and it's not working out between us. I hope we can still be friends." They can leave you in a letter, an email, a phone call, face to face and then be out of your life forever. As a wife, you have to sit down with a lawyer after the fact and you have his last name "legally". Without going to court and changing it yourself.

As a military wife, I am enrolled in DEERS and I have my ID card and tricare. I recieve benefits. Yes, I applaud girlfriends because they stick by their soldier without these benefits and make it work on their own but that in no way...rivals that of a wife. Most Girlfriends that bash wives intend to marry someday. And they think their views wont change on the subject, that might be true. Until the day a brazen young girlfriend walks up and says that the wife of 8-10 years is no better than her 2 month relationship with her soldier. Then the tune might change.

It all comes down in the end,
that I am a military Spouse,
his 'independent' dependent

and I hope all girlfriends,
are aspiring to one day...
make their soldier happy
as his WIFE.

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