Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am an Army Spouse

I am an Army Spouse. I am proud to be one.
I stand behind my soldier and I do what needs to be done. He needs me to stay home and take care of things while he is gone, so I do it. He needs someone who will keep everything in order for him and play the part of husband and wife. I have to be calm. I have to be steady. I have to be strong...for him. I cannot be weak and childish. I cannot play into others games. I must be mature when no one else around me is. I must be solid.

I take care of him because it is my choice. I stand silently at his side while he is home and guard the home-front while he is gone. I will have moments where I question things when times get rough but I will always know my duty as an army spouse. It is my duty to take care of things at home, it is my duty to keep life going as if he was still here. It is my duty to be stronger than most, because most couldn't do this job. I stand among the women who walk with heroes and I will never falter.

I am strong.

I am an army spouse.

written by S.N.Smith (12/09/10)

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