Friday, November 5, 2010


Before I hear that there is no military spouse handbook with guidlines for conduct I would like to clarify something...

~drum roll~


I love having people argue with me even when I link them to two separate versions of it. The one I got from the officers wife on the scribe page for US ARMY conduct and spousal conduct and "The Army Wife Handbook." Yes ladies...there are books that tell you how to behave and how not to behave and how your behavior affects your husbands career. SO while you shouldn't post pictures of you in your bikini on a public page for the world to see while your husband is down shouldn't insult the woman who does it either. I am only posting a blog on this because frankly I spent the morning being told I thought I was god cause I was quoting stuff out of the conduct guidelines (and i might add I was doing so without the use of curse words or malicious behavior). Now if I didn't have the education I have and the will power to prove people wrong all the time, I would have gotten nowhere with these posts of mine. BUT....frankly, I do know what I am talking about on some things...and I was raised to know how to behave around soldiers and NCO's. It's been programmed into my brain how to be the perfect model army wife. DO I ALWAYS FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES? Of course not, I am human...I do things without thinking them through. But when I am wrong ...I admit it...unlike these ladies here

So yes, I did not cuss at anyone I merely stated facts and I got to experience the ignorance first hand. There is a conduct on behavior and it's not just how you should dress though Nicole was being a smart ass she got it right. The way you behave and dress can be reflected on your husband, and if he ever wants to go "Green to Gold" it does matter. They pay more attention to us than you think...why do you think how your house looks means so much? Why do you think they have regulations for what we can and can't do on post? Am I the only one who thinks they have these for a reason and actually try to find out why? Jeez...


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  1. You are delusional for needing a handbook on how to behave around military men. It comes down to respect for him, others, and yourself. There, I said it without writing some childish behavior book.