Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drama Rage #1

Okay, I have read a lot in the past day about Army "girlfriends", fiances, and wives. It has frankly gotten on my nerves that people think that my "piece of paper" makes me nothing. My marriage license (piece of paper) makes me a soldiers wife, it makes me his partner. I am able to be on his orders, I am able to move where he wants me to move (on post or off). I am two people I am Mr. Smith & Mrs. Smith when the time comes down for deployment. I am an Army Wife... a WIFE. That piece of paper is what stands between you and your ID card, your house, your before you go and tell me that I am nothing, check your facts. You obviously don't know the army as well as you thought if you refuse to acknowledge, that while we are equal as women, our titles are not equal.

And as for the divorce comment. "Have you never heard of divorce?" Well little Miss Army Girlfriend "have you ever heard of a break up?" It is a little harder to get a divorce than it would be for him to call you up and say..." Sorry met someone new. It's over." There are KEY differences that set us apart.

To our soldiers, we are the same in their hearts. But to the Army, without the marriage aren't anything but the gf/fiance that he left at home. They won't give you anything if something happens to him, you won't get his flag. There is a HUGE difference between us. The title does mean something whether you want to acknowledge it or not. But make no mistake just cause you don't acknowledge it doesn't mean it's going to go away or stop being true.

We are all loved by a soldier...
Regardless of who we are...
So why are we at each others throats? Can you not respect the wives for what they do? Cause you forget while you insult them now...

Don't you plan on being there one day?