Monday, July 26, 2010

Random things from the Hubby...That made me laugh...

Smith-" I am not scared of spiders, but I swear if I get over there and see one of those things (camel spiders) I'm going to shoot it...and if their is more than one I will throw a frag...It's not right...they aren't supposed to get that big."
Me-"ewwwww...gross, please don't get bit."

Smith-" Hard to explain...I miss you like the biggest Loser misses cake."

"Hey...Sarah, think about this... I D 10 think about it real hard"
"I don't get it"-me
Smith-"Think Military Sarah"
"ID10...wait a minute... I'M NOT AN IDIOT!"-me

"I can't wait till you get up here."-Smith
" either baby, I miss you too."-me
"Oh, well I miss you too baby...but I was talking about I'm ready to not have to do laundry I miss your cooking already."-Smith
"Wow babe. Aren't you a sweetie."-me

"Yeah, me and the guys have this reigning joke that you and the other wives carry our balls in your purses."-Smith.


"Did u no that u are like a melody in my head"- Smith

"Yeah, you're innocent a college girl at Mardi Gras."-Smith

"You know what size boot I wear? Well...imagine it...up your ass."- Smith

"I'm going to kick you in the throat if you call yourself fat one more time."-Smith
"I'M...F-A-T."- me
"That's it you are so getting it."-Smith
"Bring it buddy."- me
"Oh it's coming. You wait...first thing once you get off that plane...It's on."-Smith

"Every time I would sit up with the gun (50 cal) I would feel my pants vibrate and instinctively reach for my phone thinking "Oh my god, It might be Sarah." Then I would realize I don't have my phone and get really pissed.-Smith

"Sitting down for graduation and staying perfectly still made me say one thing to my friend. Without moving my lips I said, "Do you feel like exhibit A right now? Welcome to the Freak Show."-Smith


  1. lol, i love the boot and up your ass one!!

  2. What is it about guys and spiders? We used to catch daddy longlegs and throw them on my cousein. I don't like the big, furry ones either, but the rest I find and relocate to keep the other bugs out of the house. My teenagers freak when they see a palmetto bug. If they are in the bathroom, I just turn on the blowdryer and fry them.

  3. My favorite, Him, "Can you rub my feet, knee, leg, back, shoulders, etc." Me, "No, I'd rather rub you somewhere else."

  4. Nice...I live for Smith's smart ass comments.