Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Army Wives Season 2 and rants from the Bitter depths of my kidneys...

So how about I bought the 2nd season of Army Wives yesterday.I have made it to episode 2 already and I love it. I love watching Joan stuff a pillow in her shirt to see how she would look pregnant in uniform(her little salute bit made me fall of the bed laughing). It made me smile. She is my favorite. She is living the life I wanted to live. Maybe not the pregnant part, but the being the one in the army (I personally think Smith should be Roland). I love her witt. My fave quote of hers is in the 2nd season, 2nd episode when she is talking to Roland about her pregnancy, her words were "My body's being invaded...I'm no longer a person...I'm a host." (I ROFL'd @ this)

I know a lot of army wives think that this show is nothing like our lives, and yes...in many ways it is not. I mean how often are we going to go to a bar and have a soldier walk in loaded down with explosives but a LOT of the stuff in the show is what we go through. The characters emotions and worrying is what real army wives go through daily. The affairs do happen (whether we believe it or not), the drama is real...you can see that in many situations. I know my life does not resemble the show at all...but it does help to watch it...it is so interesting that it keeps me occupied for HOURS which right now is what I need the most.

I cannot believe they killed Amanda off. I am not going to lie...I cried for an hour on that one. It disappointed me that they killed off her character, they didn't need to nor did they have to for ratings. I will not lie, I hate being a critic in my blog but sadly enough it is *checks clock* 0320 and I am still awake knowing I have to go to the commisary in a little while. I have not heard from Smith and frankly this only getting a few minutes to talk to him is outrageous. So here I am...watching the 2nd season because the damn producers decided to end the 1st season in a damn plot twist (which by the way drives me insane) and typing away my thoughts on the matter.

For the record I am a die-hard Pamela-fanatic...ha ha...(& don't forget my weird obsession with Joan Burton :D)

Well, didn't hear from Smith much today. I hate these few minute phone calls, I hate not being able to hold him. I hate not being able to hear his heartbeat. And before I get a lot of hate from people over this like I have in the past let me say this. No I am not going through a deployment but I have not been able to sleep in my husband's arms since the start of this year and he has been stateside all along. Out of the 260 days I have been married I have seen my husband 23 of those...and only 21 of those were spent where I could sleep in his arms. So damn me now for complaining and being sad but I believe that the pain is the same for all of us. The pain doesn't get greater or lessen just because you are on your first or hell third deployment. I don't care if it is the first deployment, or just training...either way, the pain of not sleeping at night without his touch, his warmth, his voice to calm your fears...is going to be the same no matter who you are. It gets easier to deal with over time but the pain is still the same. (If I am too opinionated for you I apologize.) I will get off this subject before I make this blog a mile long...this is a rant for another day.

So how about my friend David just enlisted? It seems everyone from my past is going the military and living the life I wanted... Smith said if it is what I really want, if it would make me happy to get my wings then I can do it...but now I am more than just the woman who wanted to fly Apaches. I am more than the kid who dreamed of leaving high school and going to BCT. I am Mrs. Smith, I am a wife...and I have obligations now, not just to myself...but to him. I have to make my own sacrifices for his sake. I will wait and when his contract is up...if I still feel up to it...then I will consider the options. But as of now, I am Mrs. Smith, the MP's wife.

We are the strong women who stand behind the strength of America.
We are the wives of soldiers, of heroes...
We are strong.


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  1. It doesn't matter if he's five miles away or five thousand miles.